LOVAT&GREEN. Unisex, exclusive and timeless scarves

HISTORY LOVAT&GREEN was set up in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) in early 2010.

It all started when Isabel Calonge approached Carlos Castillo to suggest creating a new brand and a new business to design, produce and market foulards throughout the world.

At the time, there was an important gap in the market, with no harmonious colour combinations or designs with a strong identity. Isabel had long been impressed by Carlos’s work; for over 20 years, he had been designing special foulards with a unique sense of personality for his own brand, MAN 1924. His creations had been highly successful and although MAN 1924 was —as its name suggests—a menswear brand, his foulards had also attracted female wearers.

And so, in 2010, Isabel Calonge, Carlos Castillo and Olga Castillo decided to set up LOVAT&GREEN, offering the world a range of foulards with their own unique identity, personality and quality.

The reaction has been fantastic, and we are tremendously proud of the results we have achieved across the globe.

The brand continue to innovate, and each new collection is a thrilling experience. We try to put something of ourselves—our experiences, our lives and our personalities— into every foulard. The result is a mixture of fabric and colours that will captivate women and men across the planet.

The founders

Our founders Carlos Castillo, Isabel Calonge and Olga Castillo (from left to right) looked back at the first steps at LOVAT&GREEN. Their source of inspiration is found in the magic of small details, in their daily lives, in their travels and in following their hearts, beyond trends and conventionalisms. In all the collections, their mark and their experiences are reflected in their designs, authentic jewels of craftsmanship created by free spirits and dreamers.

Designs made by heart and by real people.

LOVAT&GREEN is a quality brand, where we create our own designs, which are then produced with unique hands in workshops in India and Spain. Behind each scarf there is a brilliant and specialised work, where a team of people with a know-how and dedication worthy of admiration is involved. Our scarves are small jewels, handmade pieces, made with love and using ancestral techniques to achieve unique finishes and colours.

Around the world

Right from the beginning, the LOVAT&GREEN brand has exported its foulards and transmitted its values worldwide.
Today, it is available in some of the world’s leading points of sale: MONDOPIERO (Melbourne; Australia); DANTENDORFER (Vienna, Salzburg, Insbruck and Linz; Austria); RUE BLANCHE (Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent and Knokke; Belgium); MUSEUM OF MODERN ART (Humleback, Denmark); CLIC (New York; USA); PAUL STUART (New York; USA)); RELIQUARY (San Francisco; USA); MAN 1924 (Madrid and Bilbao; Spain); AUKA (San Sebastian, Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona; Spain); LA CERERIA (Menorca; Spain); RIALTO (Palma de Mallorca; Spain); ARBELAITZ (San Sebastián; Spain); NANDA (Seville; Spain); SCENO 10 (Bordeaux; France); BRAND BAZAR (Paris; France); VICTOIRE (Paris, St. Tropez and Lyon; France); LE CLUB 55 (Ramatuelle; France); LA RINASCENTE LA RINASCENTE (Milan; Italy); MI LAURA (Milan; Italy); GIGOT (Saporo; Japan); BAYCREW´S (Tokyo; Japan); STORIES By KINE (Oslo; Norway); BRIC A BRAC (Stockholm; Sweden); LEDERLEITNER (online shop); DE LA LUCE (Montpellier; France); CARLA SAIBENE (Milano; Italy); 248 (Barcelona; Spain); DFM HAMBURG (Hamburg; Germany)… More info about stores here.

The Founders

Olga Castillo

Co-founder & Photographer.
With her passion for photography, Olga supervises the graphics campaigns with the rest of the team. She also takes charge of creating the atmospheric photographs for our collections.
Olga works with Isabel Calonge on the commercial side of the business and PR at international fairs.

Carlos Castillo

Co-founder & Creative Director
Carlos brings all his savoir-faire, experience and innate understanding of the use of colours to bear to create foulards with their own unique identity.

Isabel Calonge

Co-founder & Managing Director.
Isabel is in charge of the day-to-day running of the company and works with Carlos Castillo on the creation and design of each collection, trying to achieve the best combinations of colour, while at the same time seeking innovative new fabrics and printing techniques.

The Team

Ainhoa Regidor

Senior Account Coordinator.
Ainhoa is a key figure in the day-to-day running of LOVAT&GREEN.
From our offices, she liaises with wholesale customers and is in charge of invoicing and distribution.

Paula Saralegui

Junior Account Coordinator.
Support for customer management and distribution processes.
Support for e-commerce customer care.
Support at some international fairs.