Fall Winter 2022-2023 Collection

LOVAT&GREEN is a state of mind.

Creation comes from experimentation and from one’s own feeling.

“LOVAT” refers to a unique shade of green, which has always been part of our Collections; and “GREEN” responds to a philosophy of searching for the authentic, natural and sustainable. 

The FW’22-23 Collection is a sensorial Collection inspired by nature, acting for the planet and seeking an environmental balance.

We embark on an adventure in which we escape from everyday life in search of a refuge. With the sea in the background, representing the Nature of Contrast: Reason and Emotion; Serenity and Strength… Feelings.

In “PARADISE EARTH”,  you will find scarves and shawls with colours that go together and represent our Mother Nature.

There are different shades of browns, forest greens, ochres, terracottas…In order to achieve the contrast that Nature offers us, you will also see scarves with intense colours, yellows, reds, mint greens and oranges.

Sapporo Petrol Scarf
Monterosa Lovat Scarf
Aspen Mustard Scarf
Bariloche Orange Scarf