“Dreams & Memories”

SS’23 Scarf & Sarong Collection

Spring Summer 2023 Collection

The New SS’23 Collection is a REFLECTION of what WE WERE, ARE AND WILL BE. A special memory of the origins, the moments shared in the day to day and the future that is yet to come… MEMORIES that shape us and keep us growing as human beings.

Our scarves and sarongs take us back in time, in the blink of an eye, we remember and DREAM at the same time. In the new SS’23 Collection you will appreciate warm colours, geometric prints, stripes, flowers, elements that evoke summer getaways… HANDMADE SCARVES made with 100% natural cottons and linens and timeless and unisex designs.

Scarves that will always be with you from now on.

Ref. Ice Cream Orange

Ref. Chemin Petrol

Ref. Chaîne Ecru

Ref. Aquarium Purple

Ref. Parasol Ecru

Ref. Cornet Green & Tarifa Navy

Ref. Cornet Green

Ref. Safari Gold