Fall/ Winter 2018 Collection

This Collection has been made with fabrics so warm and soothing as wool and mohair. 

We offer pieces inspired by the nature in the mood of winter, with colorful designs, geometric lines and some kaleidoscopic patterns.

As usual, these scarves are distinctive, timeless and unisex.

LOVAT&GREEN believes that scarves should be an extension of the personality of the person who wears them.

It is an essential, not an accessory.

foulards Lovat and green LOOKBOOK_FW1819
foulards Lovat and green LOOKBOOK_FW1819 man

Photography Team

Photographer_Antón Goiri @antongoiri
Models_Laura Leyva @lauraleyvasanchez and Pavel Koziy @pavelkoziy
Makeup Artist_Ana Vega@anitavega
Stylist_Ana Floubet @anafloubet
Menswear_MAN 1924@man1924
Location_Metro Bilbao @metro_bilbao
foulards Lovat and green LOOKBOOK_FW1819