Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection

This Collection has been made with summertime materials like cotton or linen. Geometric lines, ethnic patterns and colours with a clear African Savannah inspiration.

LOVAT&GREEN summer scarves are totally versatile, they can be worn as foulard, sarong, kerchief, shawl, bandana…

As usual, these scarves are distinctive, timeless and unisex.

LOVAT&GREEN believes that scarves should be an extension of the personality of the person who wears them.

It is an essential, not an accessory.

Photography Team

Photographer_Antón Goiri @antongoiri
Models_Marlena Szoka @marlenaszoka and Diego Moncada @diegomoncada_
Makeup Artist_Natalia De Cantelmi @nataliadecantelmi
Stylist_Ana Floubet @anafloubet
Menswear_MAN 1924@man1924
Location_Flysch Trail, Zumaia, Guipúzcoa