Last March we prepared the advertising campaign for the next FALL/ WINTER’ 17-18 season – you know the advance we work with in this sector – and we had the immense pleasure of collaborating with an exceptional photographer like Antón Goiri (Bilbao, 1970)

The result has been surprising and very original. Although we may not reveal it for a few months, we show you a little advance through the making of the campaign.

One of the locations is worth mentioning, the Real Club Marítimo del Abra (Getxo, Vizcaya, Basque Country). Although the weather was not good, it was not an inconvenience, as the colours, contrasts and mixture of fabrics of the coming Fall/ Winter 17-18 season shone with their own light.

Antón Goiri has portrayed celebrities such as Michael Caine, John Malkovich, Diane Kruger, Benicio del Toro, Viggo Mortensen, Iggy Pop, Karolina Kurkova y Lenny Kravitz among others and has also made portraits for countless international graphic media: Rolling Stone, Stern, Vogue Germany, The Independent, NY Times Magazine, Liberation and national media such as El País and women magazines such as Telva, Marie Claire…

He combines his editorial work with advertising, frequently collaborating with the main Spanish agencies such as Sra Rushmore, Shackleton, McCann Erickson, Publicis, El Laboratorio, Lola, etc. He has been an advertising campaign photographer for Man 1924, Helena Rohner, Chanel, IWC, Coca Cola, Mercedes Benz, Vespa, etc…

Production file:

Photographer_Antón Goiri (IG_antongoiri)

Models_Carlotta Pérez (IG_carlottaperezz), Marsal Taberner (IG_marsaltaberner) & Olatz López (IG_olatzlopez).

Make up_Natalia de Decantelmi (IG_decantelmi)

Hairdresser_Iñaki Iglesias

Stylist_Ana de la Fuente (IG_anafloubet)

Location_Real Club Marítimo del Abra (Getxo, Vizcaya, Basque Country)


Shooting FW´17-18_Modelo: Olatz López
Shooting FW’ 17-18_Model: Olatz López


Shooting FW´17-18_ Ref. MOSAIQUE TURQUOISE_Modelo: Olatz López
Shooting FW’ 17-18_ Ref.: MOSAIQUE TURQUOISE_Model: Olatz López


Shooting FW’ 17-18_ Photographer: Antón Goiri


Shooting FW´17-18_Ref. STAINS GREY_Fotógrafo: Antón Goiri_Modelo: Carlotta Pérez
Shooting FW’ 17-18_Ref.: STAINS GREY_Photographer: Antón Goiri_Model: Carlotta Pérez


Shooting FW´17-18_Ref. GALES BROWN_Modelo: Carlotta Pérez
Shooting FW’ 17-18_Ref.: GALES BROWN_Model: Carlotta Pérez


Ref.: RHOMBUS PINK FW1718_Modelo: Carlotta Pérez
Shooting FW’ 17-18_Ref.: RHOMBUS PINK FW’ 17-18_Model: Carlotta Pérez


Shooting FW’ 17-18_Ref.: STAINS TURQUOISE FW’ 17-18_Photographer: Antón Goiri_Model: Carlotta Pérez


Shooting FW’ 17-18_Ref.: RHOMBUS BROWN and MOSAIQUE ORANGE_Models: Carlotta Pérez & Marsal Taberner


Carlos Castillo_Ref.: SQUARE RED


Olga Castillo


Makeup Artist: Natalida de Cantelmi_Model: Olatz López


Isabel Calonge, Carlos Castillo, Ana de la Fuente (Stylist), Olatz López (Model), Olga Castillo, Antón Goiri (Photographer) and Natalia de Cantelmi (Makeup Artist).


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