Over 30 years have passed since Sydney Pollack was inspired by the novel “Out of Africa” written by Isak Dinesen, to make likewise one of the masterpieces in the history of Cinema. Today, several decades later, in the same way it is still easy to travel to those plains and landscapes only by closing your eyes and remembering, LOVAT&GREEN present their new SPRING/ SUMMER’ 17 COLLECTION inspired in the most indigenous and luminous Africa.

The collection evidences reddish, earthy, bluish or orange shades covering colour ranges that remind us of the most beautiful sunsets; the somewhat tribal prints resemble the traditional African goldsmithing, with simple details that make each garment a unique and special element, but at the same time feeling familiar to us, undoubtedly due to their influences.


Summer 2017 LOVAT&GREEN Scarves Ref.: COCOA BURGUNDY
Shooting SS’ 17_ Ref.: COCOA BURGUNDY_Model: @uma.karina Photography: Erea Azurmendi @tiempodecerezas


The presence of names such as CAMEL, ETHNIC, CASABLANCA, MOROCCO, HAREM, COCOA… already is a clear statement of intent on the influence of Africa in the different pieces, which are natural and easily combined due to those so characteristic shades, the prints inspired in the Bedouin tunics such as the CASABLANCA foulard, or the WAX PRINT style of the COCOA foulard. The fabrics, mainly cotton, help obtain the pleasant touch of a high quality garment.

For years the African influence in fashion and accessories has increased exponentially; prints and fabrics coming from this beautiful and unknown continent have been the main features in the collections of some of the most important designers from Yves Saint Laurent – who, inspired in the clothing worn by the African settlers, already in 1967 made the Safari Jacket fashionable, and took Marrakech as his second homeland – to the latest SS’ 17 Louis Vuitton men’s fashion collection inspired in the African Savannah or the SS’ 16 Valentino collection .

This approach of Europe to the African roots of fashion has been reflected in the celebration of several “Africa Fashion Week” in several cities of the textile elite.


Summer 2017 LOVAT&GREEN Scarves Ref.: CASABLANCA and NAVAJO
SS´17_Collection Ref.: CASABLANCA and NAVAJO


Summer 2017 LOVAT&GREEN Scarves Ref.: ETHNIC GREEN
SS´17_Collection _Ref.: ETHNIC GREEN_Model: @uma.karina Photography: Erea Azurmendi


Summer 2017 LOVAT&GREEN Scarves Ref.: CAMEL RED
SS´ 17_Collection Ref.: CAMEL RED__Model: @tinajinn Photography: Erea Azurmendi
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