LOVAT&GREEN has around 300 points of sale in multi-brand stores across the globe. And since mid-2019, it has been sharing an exclusive store with MAN 1924 at a very special location — the Rio do Prado Hotel in Óbidos (Portugal), 90 km north of Lisbon.


Hotel Rio do Prado


We met Telmo Faria, the owner of RIO DO PRADO, in 2016 and immediately, we realized we shared the same philosophy of life and taste for things that are well done and extremely well cared for. To understand the concept, you must visit this wonderful place.


Telmo Faria, Isabel Calonge and Carlos Castillo
Telmo Faria, Isabel Calonge and Carlos Castillo


From the outset the project has been imbued with a strong artisan feel, extending to the metal and glass structure of the store and also the shelves and furniture inside. The whole blends into the natural surroundings, in keeping with the spirit of the hotel and the two brands hosted at the store, LOVAT&GREEN and MAN 1924.


THE SHOP, Summer scarves


We discovered this hotel a couple of years ago and were immediately captivated by its respect for nature, its exquisite decor, magnificent restaurant and its sense of peace —not to mention the fact that it is just a few kilometres from the beach and the Óbidos lagoon. It’s the perfect place to get away from it all.




The rooms at the hotel are integrated into the surrounding landscape in an entirely natural environment. And this environmental symbiosis underpins the concept on which the hotel has been developed, with plant-covered roofs and trees protruding though the structures.

The organic nature of the entire project is reflected in the use of recycled eucalyptus screens to provide shade and ensure complete privacy for guests.





MARIA BATATA RESTAURANT. Imagine a restaurant surrounded by the cycles of nature, offering the finest seasonal produce. Step out of your comfort zone and leave behind any notion of a conventional restaurant. The food here is produced on the local organic farm and selected daily depending on the season.



Isabel Calonge Ref. SS’ 19_TANZANIA BEIGE











Just a few kilometres away you can enjoy some magnificent beaches, including Praia del Rio Cortiço, Praia del Rey and Baleal. Lose yourself amidst the cliffs and dunes and marvel at the incredible sunsets. The light here is unique.

Óbidos Beach


Foz do Arelho


Praia Rio Cortiço


Praia del Rey
Praia del Rey


Rio Cortiço
Rio Cortiço


And after a day on Baleal beach, there’s no better place for a break than the Bruno beach bar.


Bruno Beach Bar


Surfers can choose from a range of world-famous venues, including Supertubos, Baleal and Praia del Rey. And if you’re more of a golfer, there are some magnificent courses with holes overlooking the sea, at Praia del Rey, Evoluté, Royal Óbidos and Bom Sucesso.


Praia de Baleal
Praia de Baleal


Don’t miss the unique town of Óbidos, a listed national heritage site, with its rich medieval history and architecture.

The fortified citadel is believed to have developed on the site of a Celtiberian fort, the boundaries of which were gradually extended over the centuries.






Óbidos Castle


Óbidos Fortress


With a population of just 3,000, this small town boasts a magnificent castle and some fine examples of medieval architecture, including cobbled alleyways and old stone walls where Celtiberians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs all left their mark. Clustered around the castle are whitewashed houses with red-tiled roofs and bougainvillea-covered balconies.


Carlos Castillo and Isabel Calonge
Quick Shop

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