Fall Winter 2020 Collection

Windy Bloom

In this new fashion editorial, LOVAT&GREEN scarves represent the petals of a flower, an extension of our body through which we bloom in winter.
Simple and extremely delicate, this new editorial takes a step forward in defining our identity.

Printed and geometric designs that add colour to our winter look. This new collection stands out for the use of new materials such as cashmere and mohair, where the selection of colours and the creative process have been developed with absolute dedication, care and technique.

Design made in Spain for you.

Photography Team

Photography: @carlosfolmo
Art Direction: @iamboscotam
Models: @elena.lichen @rockisalam @unomodels
Production: @estudio_ainara_ipina @coco_rosca
Video: @estudio_ainara_ipina
Stilismo: @julenegr
Make-up: @anitavega